A Ruler for Windows


A traditional wooden ruler for all your measurements



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If you need to measure the dimensions of anything on your screen, A Ruler for Windows is an ideal tool to help you out, since it will display a traditional ruler that will allow you to obtain the size of any image, text box, or other determined area of the screen.

When using A Ruler for Windows, keep in mind that the unit of measurement employed by the program is the pixel, and it doesn't measure in inches or centimeters. A red bar on the ruler will help you to check the exact measurement of any element.

A Ruler for Windows is available in two materials: wood and plastic. Use the plastic if you want the ruler to be transparent so you can see what's behind it.

You can also choose the ruler's orientation, including the position of the measurement guides and its general size.

A Ruler for Windows requires Microsoft .NET Framework.

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